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Hard Liquor Substitutes

Wine-Based liquor substitutes used to create your favorite cocktails. Legal to sell and serve with a beer and wine license.

Cinnamon Wicket

Cinnamon Wicket is a Bold blend of fiery Cinnamon and Whiskey flavors to spice up your life..

Rhumbero Coconut

 Premium Blend® is proud to introduce Rhumbero Superior Coconut.

El Guitarron Agave Wine

“If you like Tequila, you will love El Guitarron Agave Wine!”

El Guitarron is 100% Blue Agave wine imported from Mexico. Tequila starts out as a fermented agave wine and then it is distilled into hard liquor.

Tequesta Gold Agave Especial

Premium Blend has created Tequesta using the finest Blue Agave from Jalisco, Mexico !

Klir Red

Now you can enjoy the smoothness of premium Vodka-type drinks with Klir Red

Rhumbero Superior

Rhumbero Superior captures the taste and quality of the finest Caribbean rums.

Rhumbero Spice

Move over Captain here comes Rhumbero Spice. If you like Spiced Rum you with love Rhumbero Spice!

El Jinete Blanco

Premium Blend is proud to introduce the first Silver 100% Blue Agave Especial in the world, El Jinete Blanco.

Candian Wicket

Premium Blend® has created Candian Wicket to make your favorite Whiskey type cocktails.

King George

Premium Blend® has created King George to make your favorite Gin type cocktails.