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Welcome to Premium Blend® 

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Premium Blend, was founded in 1990 by brothers Orestes (Gino) Santos and Enrique (Henry) Santos. In 1989 Gino came across a product which enabled locations with limited licenses (beer & wine only) to serve cocktails just as if they had a full liquor license. With a background in the entertainment industry, Gino had experience with nightclubs and restaurants and he knew of the difficulty and expense in acquiring a full liquor license, so the value of this product became quickly evident to him.

Premium Blend® brand was launched in the spring of 1990 with rum, tequila and vodka flavors, respectively. The line quickly expanded and to date there are 18 different varieties of Premium Blend® wine-based liquors. While South Florida became the first market opened by Premium Blend, the uniqueness of the product enabled the brothers to expand throughout the state of Florida, and eventually throughout the United States. Premium Blend is now sold in 39 different states (not all states have laws favorable to the selling of wine-based liquors).

Along with the line of Premium Blend wine-based liquors, the Santos brothers quickly found that their customer base was in need of all items needed to prepare cocktails, so they formulated a line of cocktail mixes to complement their wine-based liquors. This offering started with the primary flavors of Piña Colada, Margarita and Strawberry Daiquiri, and now includes over 13 different varieties. The cocktail mixes proved to be of such quality that they opened a new market segment for Premium Blend when they began selling the mixes to all types of establishments, with liquor licenses, with beer & wine licenses, and with no licenses to serve as non-alcoholic. This expansion has increased the geographic reach of Premium Blend not only throughout the United States, but also internationally to Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Further expansion came for Premium Blend with the introduction Santos Sangria®. Santos Sangria® is produced and imported from Spain, making it true sangria, and it is the only bottled sangria in the market made with natural fruit juices, not just flavors. Santos Sangria® is sold throughout the United States at such leading retailers as Publix, Kroger, Albertsons, Total Wine, Fresh Market, HEB, Costco, Sam’s, and many more.

The success of Santos Sangria® propelled Premium Blend further into the varietal wine business and to date Premium Blend included new brands such as Choco Noir® Cream specialty, Prime Wines of Uruguay, and Duct Tape wine. These additional items to their portfolio have expanded Premium Blend sales into 35 states and Washington, D.C With a strong financial footing, the ongoing expansion of their wine portfolio, the steady growth of Premium Blend wine-based liquors, and the entrepreneurial angst of the Santos brothers, Premium Blend is poised to continue its growth and will soon became one of the major companies in the beverage industry.



Hard Liquor and Cordial Substitutes 

GAW El Guitarron Agave Wine

  • 85 point " Very Good, Strong Recommendation", 2013 Ultimate Wine Challenge
  • 2013 UBC Value Wine Award, Ultimate Wine Challenge
  • 2013 Featured Seminole Hard Rock Food and Wine Festival in Hollywood, Fl

SS Santos Sangria ®

  • 91 points GOLD medal at Beverage Testing Institute
  • 87 points "Highly Recommended" Silver medal, at the International Review of Spirits provided by Beverage Testing Institute

VSW Veterans Salute Wine ®

  • 2013 Silver Medal Award Veteran Salute Chardonnay, Best in Glass Wine Challenge at the United Way Miami Food and Wine Festival.
  • 2013 Bronze Medal Award Veteran Salute Cabernet Sauvignon, Best in Glass Wine Challenge at the United Way Miami Food and Wine Festival.

DTW Duck Tape Wine ®

  • 2013 87 Point "Very Good Strong Recommendation", Cabernet, Sauvignon, Ultimate Wine Challenge
  • 2013 85 Point "Very Good Recommendation", Merlot, Ultimate Wine Challenge
  • 2013 Silver Medal for Duck Tape Merlot at 70th WSWA Tasting Competition
  • 2013 Silver Medal for Duck Tape Cabernet Sauvignon at 70th WSWA Tasting Competition
  • 2013 Bronze medal, 2010 Duck Tape Merlot for Best in Glass Wine Challenge at the 2013 United Way Wine and Food Festival
  • 2013 Bronze medal, 2011 Duck Tape Chardonnay for Best in Glass Challenge at the 2013 United Way Wine and Food Festival.
  • 2012 Gold Medal (90 points) • Duck Tape 2010 Merlot, Gold Medal & Best Buy & WVWC Award(s): 2012 WVWC Best Uruguay Red Wine
  • 2012 (89 points) • Duck Tape 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon Silver Medal & Best Buy
  • 2012 (88 points) • Duck Tape 2011 Chardonnay, Silver Medal & Best Buy & WVWC Award(s): 2012 WVWC Best Uruguay White Wine
  • 2012 (87 points)• Duck Tape 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, Silver Medal & Best Buy

CN Choco Noir ®

  • 2013 Silver Winner at the San Francisco International Wine Competition
  • 2012 Silver Medal for Choco Noir Raspberry at the 69th WSWA Wine Tasting Competition
  • 2012 Silver Medal for Choco Noir Espresso at the 69th WSWA Wine Tasting Competition
  • 2012 Peoples Choice award at Wine Fest Calgary (Canada)
  • 2012 Best in Show at Edmonton Wine Fest (Canada)
  • 2011 Gold Medal Winner San Diego International Wine Competition Wine and Roses
  • 2011 Bronze medal for Packaging at The Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits competition
  • 2011 Bronze medal in Chocolate Wine Specialty at The Los Angeles International Wine & Spirits competition

PW Prime Wine ®

  • 2014 Gold Medal Award, PRIME Tannat at WSWA Wine Tasting Competition
  • 2009 Silver Medal at WSWA Wine Testing Competition
  • 84 points "Recommended" Prime 2010 Chardonnay
  • 83 points "Recommended" Prime 2009 Sweet Rosé
  • 83 points "Recommended" Prime 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 83 points "Recommended" Prime 2009 Merlot
  • 83 points "Recommended" Prime 2010 Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blan